106N Our services:

♦ Wheel alignment up to 9,5m between the axles (for extended vehicles – limousines, lorries, buses, etc.);
♦ Chassis inspection;
♦ Certificate for first registration for vehicles imported from the United States;
♦ Certificate for expertise after incidents;

We cooperate with a company that restores chassis geometry after incidents.
At customer’s request we deliver the vehicle for technical inspection and return it with a valid roadworthiness pass.
At customer’s request we are organizing vehicle delivery to our service center.

106C Our services:

♦ Automatic and manual gearboxes diagnostic using a computer stand, repair and maintenance (light vehicles, jeeps and minibuses).
♦ Lorries, trucks up to 7 tons repair.
♦ Driving axle reductors, clutches, chassis repair.
♦ Driveshaft, wheel bearings, etc. pressing.
♦ Brake and shock absorber inspection using a computer stand and their repair.
♦ Chassis geometry and repair.
♦ Vehicle maintenance and repair.
♦ Vehicle preparation for technical inspection and help with paperwork.
♦ Headlamp beam adjustment.