Gearbox and reductor repair
Wheel alignment up to 9.5 m between axes, certificates
Brakes, shock absorbers, chassis diagnostics and repair
Technical maintenance and repair

Information on repair services:
+370 (37) 553416, +370 610 07358,
Vandžiogalos pl. 106C

• We repair all types of automatic, semi-automatic and manual gearboxes of light vehicles, minivans and SUVs, as well as change (repair) clutches.
Automatic transmission gearboxes – standard automatic, DSG (dual clutch), CVT (continuously variable transmission).
Semi-automatic – robotic gearboxes (Toyota, Opel, Ford, BMW, etc.).
• We provide gearbox fault diagnosis services.
• We repair drive axle reducers.
• We use computers with specialized software for fault diagnostics.

Information on wheel alignment and certificates:
+370 652 38666,
Vandžiogalos pl. 106N

• We are carrying out precise computer analysis on wheel geometry adjustment for light vehicles of up to 9.5 m between the axles (buses, limousines, etc.).
• Full chassis inspection.
• Provision of certificates for first registration of vehicles imported from the United States, certificates for examination of the wheel geometry compliance with the requirements set by the manufacturer.
• We use a John Bean 3D computer stand for our wheel alignment services.

Information on repair services:
+370 (37) 553416, +370 610 07358,
Vandžiogalos pl. 106C

• We provide brakes, shock absorbers and chassis systems revision using a computer stand.
• We repair chassis, brakes, and shock absorber system.
• We cooperate with a company that restores the chassis geometry after incidents.
• For our work, we use a cutting-edge brake and shock absorber inspection stand TL2204-PC with wheel alignment check plate (John Bean) that indicates if the wheel alignment has been done and if it is needed.

Information on repair services:
+370 (37) 553416, +370 610 07358,
Vandžiogalos pl. 106C

1. We provide maintenance and repair for all brands of vehicles – light vehicles, buses, jeeps and trucks up to 7 tons.
2. We press semi-axles, wheel bearings, etc.
3. We prepare vehicles for technical inspection, arrange the technical inspection paperwork and return it to the customer with a valid MOT pass.
4. We provide broken down vehicle transportation to our repair center, services.
5. Headlamp beam adjustment.
6. We have 7 automotive lifts and 4 pits (two of which are of 10m. in length).
7. Lubricants, oil, exploitation fluids change and replenishment.
8. Upon request, we can take your vehicle from a specific place ourselves and drive it to our service center for repairs or technical inspection.

For the works that have been carried out, a 5-month warranty or a certain mileage warranty (depending on the nature of the works) is provided. The parts that have been used in mounting at our service center are insured by the manufacturer warranty. Electronic parts and works carried out that affect the mechanical part of the vehicle are not covered by warranty. Works that have been undertaken using the customer’s parts are not covered by warranty. Works carried out are in accordance with the LST1438:2016 standard of the Republic of Lithuania and in accordance with the automotive repair manuals.